Tennis camp…

„You have to go” – they said…

„It’ll be fun” – they said…

Supposedly, yes. There will be a lot of sports activities, you’ll change your surroundings, and „reset” your head.

But one must remember that there are also dark sides to these trips and they are spoken about much less often. These are:


1.Tennis skills

We start the week camps on Friday with evening training sessions and end on Sunday after dinner. This usually gives us over 8 hours of training sessions on the court.

This is the same amount of time a typical club player who trains once a week in a training group will play in 2 months.

Not to mention week-long camps, where we train every day for 3 hours. It equals to more than 20 hours on court in just 7 days!

So improvement of skills on the court is inevitable.

But WAIT… there are two sides to this.

After the camp, it may turn out that our tennis partners are now too weak to play with and we get bored on the court…

Why risk our friendships?



2.New muscles

After one of the camps, Kasia, a fellow camper, called me and said:

  • There’s a problem
  • ??
  • Some lump popped up on my leg… do you have a good physio’s number?
  • Yeah, I’ll send it to you right away.
  • Wait… I touch this lump and you know what?
  • ??
  • I think it’s a new muscle!

Kasia went to all the training sessions during the camp: yoga, motor skills, tennis, and stretching.

She exercised very thoroughly.

And a new muscle popped up…

And now she has to carry it…

Before signing up for the camp, think – why do you have to carry extra kilos of muscle?!


tenis korty trawiaste


3.New relationships 

We usually take 16 to 24 participants to our tennis camps. No one has yet managed to leave without new contacts on their phone and among friends on Facebook.

It’s supposedly great, but… then these newly met people might bother us later…

They’ll call, write, and invite us to play doubles or a singles match. Or go out in the evening.

Why does anyone need this?!! REGENERATION is the most important thing!


Obóz tenisowy w Święto Niepodległości


4.New experiences

After dinner there’s always an Evening Activity. As part of this activity block, depending on the camp, there are among others:

  • workshops with a sports psychologist
  • badminton or paddle training sessions
  • Ultimate Frisbee games
  • video analysis of tennis shots

Generally, things that most people have never had the opportunity to try.

But hold on! You know how it is with trying new things?

It may turn out that it’s not going as well as we thought in the game of padel.

And a video analysis may destroy our idea of having a perfect technique :-))

Is it worth risking it?!




5.Counting down

After the camp, the time until the next camp will seem to drag on. We’ll be like prisoners, marking off the days until the next camp and looking at pictures from the last camp every day.

Why get into such a mood?!




So you see. Tennis camps, besides having many advantages, can also bring a lot of problems.

However, if you want to go, you’re welcome…! 🙂

We’ll make sure that the above elements happen!

If you want to get to know more about our camps click here -> >>Tennis camps 2023<<

See you at one of them!

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