Tennis camp in Tenerife

11-18.03 (saturday - saturday)

How about going to Tenerife in March and...

– starting each day with a morning yoga session

training tennis 2 hours a day and have some additional matches in the afternoon 

– exploring new places and tasting new dishes in local restaurants

– spending free time with a group of amazing people 

– coming back home fully charged with energy and counting down the time to the next camp

If that sounds like a plan we invite you to Tenerife with us!


Hotel Suite Villa Maria *****​

–  luxurious villas for 6 people with 3 separate rooms and private bathroom in each of them

– each villa has its own private pool

– just 100 meters from the courts where we will have our tennis sessions

– 800 meters to a beach

– 9,2 on (400 reviews)


Tenerifa Top Training (T3)


– professional tennis (and sport in general) facility

– players like Iga Świątek, Dominic Thiem or Ernest Gulbis used to train there during preseason 

– 7 hard courts 

– indoor and outdoor gym

– swimming pool and football field 

– one of our coaches will be from T3 Academy 

– apart from regular camp trainings, we will do some optional matches in the evenings


Video analysis

Wideo analiza



It is super useful tool to spot technical flows and improve it. You will pick the shot that troubles you the most, and we will record it and analyze it together.  

We will do video analysis twice during our camp

Tenerife Camp Cup - doubles tournament

Ceremonia Mistrzów

We cannot imagine camp without doubles tournament.

It is a time to check newly gained tennis skills during camp trainings. 

We will fight for some great rewards so emotions will be high 🙂

On the last training before tournament, we will focus on doubles game to make sure everybody knows how to poach and adjust position during match

Padle training

Padel is second (after soccer) most popular sport in Spain. 

And it’s getting more and more popular worldwide so it’s definitely worth having a try. 

During a camp we will participate in padles trainings and have some camp padle camp tournament.




Tenerife has a lot to offer and during our camp you should do:

– Teide trekking

– Siam park

– Masca

– do some bicycle trips around

How our camps look like?

We have already done more than 20 camps. Have a look at videos below and see what is awaiting for you.

In case you don’t understand Polish, please turn on subtitles 🙂

What campers say about our camps?

" If only I had somebody to come with..."

Take it easy.

 Many times people came to our camps now knowing anybody

They were leaving knowing everybody 🙂


1100 € 

Price includes:

  • Accommodation with breakfasts
  • Tennis trainings
  • Yoga and stretching
  • Video analysis, Camp Cup, padel training
  • Afternoon matches
  • Airport shuttles
  • Insurance
  • Sun, evening integrations

Not included in price:

  • flights
  • trips
  • food (apart from breakfasts)

How to sign up for the camp?

To sign up for the camp fill the form below. We will send you a contract and ask for 30% of advance. 

The rest of the price has to be paid 1 month before the camp starts. 

In case you have some questions feel free to contact us:

Whatsapp/ mobile phone (Polish number)